Property manager

Managing your asset with added value

As a property manager, we look after lots or entire buildings, whatever their type and configuration, throughout the whole of French territory.

The interaction of our expert-appraisal and strategic consulting services allows us to position ourselves as a single interlocutor in the rental, administrative, accounting, legal, tax and technical management of your property assets, with an ever-present consulting dimension.

We also manage property on a transitional basis, either wholly or partly, particularly leases and charges.

Our operational asset management service identifies and implements drivers for the creation of value.

Property management

On your behalf, either as part of a group or independently, we perform the technical and rental management of your property assets in accordance with the regulations in force.

From invoicing to reporting, we control all links in the routine management of your assets and we adapt our services according to your strategic objectives.

High-quality management, essential for the implementation of your property strategy

  • Rental management:
    • Rental and administrative analysis – audit of leases
    • Setting up clear and appropriate accounting
    • Invoicing and collection of rents, charges and ancillaries
    • Recovery of rents and management of legal procedures
    • Marketing premises (assistance, delegation or handling internally)
    • Negotiation of rental conditions and writing deeds

  • Technical management:
    • Technical audit of assets – Analysis of maintenance and service contracts
    • Definition of an annual work plan – Investment assumptions – Recommendation
    • Definition of an annual budget for charges and expenditure items
    • Management of facilities, technical installations and the provision of services (contract management, controlling contractors, bringing facilities into compliance,…)
    • Management of your major works (specifications, call for tenders, study and selection of tenders, monitoring and acceptance of works)
    • Management of claims – Insurance
    • Management and energy monitoring (analysis and audit of consumption and energy costs, recommendations and determination of corrective actions)
    • Complete and personalised reporting

Operational asset management

Transition management

This mission takes place over the short or medium terms, and is the subject of a totally personalised service covering our widest expertise.

Specific management, in the context of a transitory stage in your asset strategy. A unique service in the property-services market

It involves temporarily taking over from a manager, an investor or a bank on a specific mission in order to redress the rental and/or technical situation of buildings.

Depending on your strategic objectives, we prepare the building either for sale or for return to management or a repositioning. Thus, our mission does not only concern administration, but also operational asset management, which can optimise the value of your assets.

This service also concerns audit missions when setting up or replacing a manager or during an acquisition (due diligence).

Value development

This is a service for developing the value of your assets. By supporting technical and rental management or in the context of a unique service, we use means of creating value identified beforehand and defined in the business plan that we establish for you.

Use of means of creating value to promote your assets

  • Our mission:
    • Definition of strategic objectives
    • Establishment of a business plan
    • Technical value development of what exists or implementation of residual building permission
    • Rental value development
    • Management of your major works
    • Budgetary and financial control
    • Reporting

Management of companies

We control your services or our public-accountant and tax-lawyer partners, to ensure the perfect accounting, legal and tax management of your companies.

The three examinations coordinated by us can highlight and optimise the key subjects of your asset situation.

Complete management of companies holding your property assets

  • Accounts management:
    • Accounts management of the company
    • Presentation of the annual accounts

  • Legal and tax management:
    • Annual general meeting
      approval of the accounts, assignment of earnings, miscellaneous questions
    • Keeping register of duly numbered and initialled sheets

  • Asset management:
    • Organisation of an overall annual review
    • Critical analysis of accounting, tax and property elements and identification of subjects for optimisation
    • Miscellaneous reflexions and consulting
      evolution of taxable income and its consequences, miscellaneous reflexions in investment, works, transfer, optimisation,…