Strategic consulting

Personalized studies and support

Taking an overall approach to create value

Strategic consulting allows you to handle your entire problem by taking advantage of synergies between our activities.

Our first mission is the analysis of your situation and/or the audit of your assets.

This diagnostic identifies the actions to be carried out and leads to proposals adapted to your situation. Our independence guarantees the objectivity of the proposed solutions.

Once your decision is taken, we implement the chosen solutions.

In any case, we support you until the end of your study, and our field of action is extremely broad:

  • Identification and implementation of drivers for creating value
  • Asset optimisation
  • Conversion or development of sites
  • Management of the leases in your property estate and their renewals
  • Audit and management of charges
  • Sale or investment
  • Application of sustainable development standards (particularly energy performance work) in the asset strategy
  • Rationalisation of siting
  • Defence of the value of your assets to the tax administration


Studies are the basis of your study. They are conducted independently or as part of an overall strategic support mission.

Tools for defining a strategy with our support

They may be of highly diverse natures depending on the theme of your review:

  • Asset optimisation study:
    • Audit of your assets
    • Identification of drivers for creating value: rental, technical, transfer, investment and development optimisation
    • Creation of a business plan

  • Market studies – specific studies:
    • To serve as the basis for the negotiation of commercial rents
    • Analysis of rental charges
    • To back a decision on investment, transfer, conversion or development
    • Economic and financial study
    • Audit of operations

Transfer, investment, development

Support to transfer concerns all types of assets or land charges

For this type of transfer, which is long and complex, it is essential to have a professional working alongside you, who will manage the numerous subjects which will arise during the sale:

  • Coordination of the marketing and drafting of the presentation reports
  • Organisation of calls for tenders
  • Preparation and analysis of the documentation (data room)
  • Negotiation and aid with decision-making for the choice of acquirer
  • Monitoring the drafting of deeds and negotiation of clauses
  • Interface between the various involved parties until signature of the deeds

Supports you in implementing your strategy

Support to investment is essential to making a good purchase, in addition to an expert-appraisal or market study mission:

  • Analysis of the documentation relative to the desired assets (due diligence)
  • Negotiation and aid with decision-making
  • Monitoring the drafting of deeds and negotiation of clauses
  • Interface between the various involved parties until signature of the deeds

Support to development (management of operations) is adapted to each situation:

  • Economic feasibility of the transaction
  • Link with local authorities for obtaining various authorisations
  • Setting up and monitoring the transaction


We negotiate on your behalf or we support you in your negotiation by working with you on the best strategy.

You can rely on us

Negotiation occurs in many fields, notably:

  • Relationships between lessors and lessees, notably in commercial matters (negotiation of rental conditions and charges)
  • Support with transfer or investment
  • Your relationships with the tax administration in the context of tax adjustments