Property valuation

Added value and strategic tools

Property valuation is an important tool for the review and value development necessary to any asset management, whether it is personal or professional.

It often occurs in the context of:

  • Asset valuation,
  • Help with a strategic study,
  • Accounting or regulatory matters,
  • An application for financing.

We put 20 years of experience in property valuation and strategic consulting at your service. We intervene throughout French territory and on all types of real estate. We take into account specific legal situations such as building leases, long-term leases, lease-purchase financing, subdivision of property rights,…

Our working methods, our experience and our knowledge of the markets enable us to offer a sound and reliable service. Also, as a company regulated by the RICS, we respect the strictest ethical rules. We write reports compliant with the Red Book, the RICS standard in valuation matters, and compliant with the property valuation appraisal charter.

Our reports may be written in French or English, according to your requirements. We can thus readily work with foreign investors and consulting companies who need an independent local player.

Valuation is often a first step towards personalised consulting support

Your problem is analysed in advance, so that our service is completely adapted to the situation and so that any ancillary subjects are identified from the beginning. We believe that listening is particularly important, so that we can properly understand the context, the issues and collect all elements necessary to our study.

We also assist you in your relationships with professionals: specialist lawyers, property developers, assistance to contracting authority, and notaries.

Lastly, if required, our studies include an analysis and technical or strategic recommendations.

Our expertise

Rental value and market value of all types of assets

Determination of the market rental value and the renewal rental value if applicable (in commercial matters). Research for jurisprudence.

Valuation of empty or occupied properties, those encumbered with rights in rem, subdivided rights, estimates of market value, fair value, replacement cost, contribution value and parity prices.


Estimation of the value of the land and development cost, taking into account possible building, estimation of building land in urban environments, industrial land and land where construction is not possible.

Intangible estimates

Valuation of business intangibles and leasing rights (in commercial matters).

Eviction, compulsory purchase and miscellaneous harm

Estimation of compensation for eviction, compensation for compulsory purchase, occupation rent, disturbance of possession, operating losses, asset depreciation,…