Nos réalisations

Support to the value development of a building

  • Following the departure of its tenant, the owner requested us to consider the strategy to be adopted in order to develop the value of its building: re-leasing in current condition, sale in current condition, etc.
  • Firstly, we determine the market value of the complex in the current condition, and secondly, the value as building land, after studying urban planning regulations and validating the feasibility of an operation to convert the building into housing units.
  • We organise a call for tenders amongst property developers, we support the owner in negotiating the sale conditions with the chosen property developer, and we monitor the implementation of the project and the lifting of conditions precedent until the signature of the sale. In case of problems, we seek solutions to move the case forward.
  • Our intervention enabled the value of the complex to be tripled.

Support to strategic decision-making

  • An ageing industrial site is located in an urban environment, within an area that is the subject of a municipal urban development project. In the context of a strategic review internal to an industrial group, we studied the sale of the site as building land and the possibility of building a more modern factory, more adapted to the activity, on another site.
  • After having studied the urban planning documents (current and forthcoming) and communicated with elected representatives to learn their intentions and their strategy for developing the district, we determined and evaluated the building permits in the context of converting the site to a housing complex.
  • Given the results of our analyses, our client finally decided to keep its activity on the historical site.

Aid with marketing

Some buildings have been on sale for several years. Yet these buildings do not manage to find a buyer unless on a very different basis to the valuations made. We carry out an overall analysis of assets, their environment and their market to answer the following questions:

  • Does the building correspond to the demand? Why?
  • Has the subject of rental charges and standards-compliance renovation been sufficiently considered?
  • Is the building located in a sector that is the subject of a significant urban project?

We also give recommendations with the aim of marketing the property more easily, under the best conditions and as soon as possible.

Study on value development scenarios

An investor owning an office building wonders, after the recent departure of its tenant, about the possibilities for restructuring the building and the project to be implemented to put back on the market a building that is fully adapted to demand from users.

We support it in its study by proceeding as follows:

  • Market studies to determine the most favourable intended use;
  • Critical analysis of the recommendations of marketers concerning the positioning of potential rents;
  • Initial analysis of the construction suitability of the complex depending on different scenarios: demolition / reconstruction, heavy restructuring, whether or not to change intended use;
  • Complete analysis of the scenario allowing optimal value development of the site.

For fairer compensation

A small craft business building is in a location subject to an urban project. We support the owner so that he is fairly compensated, alongside his lawyer.

We study all appropriate valuation methods and construct our report so that the judge has a fully-argued case.

We assist the lawyer of the person subject to compulsory purchase in expressing his wishes.

Increasing the value of a neglected property

We take over the temporary management of a logistics building that is 60% empty, occupied without valid leases and requiring standards-compliance work.

We renegotiate the leases and their conditions, orchestrate bringing the complex into compliance with standards and study the competition and the local market in order to find a rental position that would enable the site to be occupied.

We control the leasing, write the new leases, then, once the site is occupied, the sale of the complex.

Negotiation of commercial leases

We support national and international retail brands in reviewing their rental conditions.

  • More than 100 missions concerning the negotiation of commercial rents and charges in 5 years
  • Amount of annual rent managed to date €6.4 million
  • Savings realised to date: €4.1 million on the duration of a lease (9 years)
  • On average 25% rental savings

At the service of public organisations

In 2012, DAXTER won a call for tenders concerning support to EPAMARNE and EPAFRANCE in fixing the price of land and development cost for collective and individual housing operations throughout the territory of Marne-la-Vallée.

  • Statistical study of the market for existing and new housing per municipality.
  • Modelling valuation methods through the property-developer balance sheet for determining the value of the land and development cost of a typical operation, in collective housing, individual housing and social housing.
  • Leading of working groups bringing together all property developers and social landlords working in the Marne-la-Vallée sector.
  • Support to public development authorities in taking their strategic decisions.